Considering how much easier it is to get a dogs to play Fetch than cats, you might assume that a pet pooch gives you more ample opportunities to play together than a kitty companion. However, as one Japanese Twitter user has reminded us, there’s one game, or maybe we should call it a competitive sport, that any cat would be thrilled to play with its owner.

Similar to Fetch, it requires a stick to play. Well, actually two sticks, plus just one other item.

Let’s run through the equipment list as derived from tweets from Unamu’s description. You’ll need a pair of chopsticks

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…and a plate of sashimi.


These are also more commonly known as the required items for “dinner,” but as Unamu explains, if you’ve got cats hanging out anywhere near the table, when you set that plate of sliced raw fish down you might as well be shouting “Game on!”

“For people who own cats, eating sashimi is like playing a sport,” Unamu asserts. “Your cats will come from all over the house, and getting the sashimi from the plate to your mouth while dodging their grasping little hands is a serious challenge.”

Best of all, the game, which we’re assuming cats refer to as “stop our human servant from eating the delicious fish that’s rightfully ours-ball,” is a team sport, making it fun for the whole household!

Unless you just wanted to eat some sashimi, that is.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter
ert images: RocketNews24