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Instagram food artists show off their multicolored, mouth-watering creations.

Sushi is already well-known around the world for being a very visually-appealing dish. All the different colors of fish contrasting with the bright white rice and dark green seaweed make it just as much of a feast for your eyes as your stomach.

But now one Instagram trend is taking sushi as art to the next level: rainbow sushi. Sushi-lovers all over are using a variety of methods make their bite-size maki morsels as colorful as possible.

Here are some of the best ones we’ve seen so far:

▼ Sushi, you were already pretty before,
but now none of the other food even stands a chance.

▼ I wish I had a pair of virtual chopsticks to just reach in and pluck those away.

▼ Mayonnaise: making everything tastier since pretty much always.

▼ A closeup of one rainbow sushi that uses
multicolored ingredients instead of just coloring the rice.

▼ Some of the most accurate rainbow sushi we’ve seen yet.

▼ Is it “rainbow” if it’s only pink and yellow?
My heart says no, but my stomach says yes.

▼ The combination of multicolored rice and ingredients
makes for a very nice- OM NOM NOM!

▼ For those who don’t want to separate their colored rice into groups,
but would rather have them be free to mingle.

▼ A closeup of a beautiful rainbow sushi plus a
recipe for making them using natural colorings.

If you want to see more rainbow sushi, then check out the hashtag #rainbowsushi on Instagram. Just fair warning though: it may result in you suddenly going out and spending lots of money on Japanese food.

And if you want to see rainbow food gone wrong, then take a gander at Hong Kong’s colorful grilled cheese sandwiches. There’s just something not quite as appetizing about multicolored cheese….

Source: Instagram/#rainbowsushi via Design Taxi
Featured/top image: Instagram (1, 2) (Edited by RocketNews24)