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Downloadable and browser versions contain photos of more than 200 alluring pusses.

We could debate whether the Internet’s most important function is to deliver pictures of cats or pictures of sexy models, but it’s definitely one of those two. So everyone leading a busy, modern life will be happy to hear about this elegant multitasking option: an online-avaiable collection of cats in sexy poses.

eBookJapan has just released an e-book titled Nyandafuru Sexy Gurabia, and first let’s unpack the linguistic elements of the title. To start with, you’ve got nyan, the Japanese version of “meow,” combined with “wonderful,” and for good measure gurabia, the Japanese term for sexy models. The book is true to its name, as inside you’ll find photos of more than 200 cats posing provocatively/adorably.

The term gurabia is usually used only for women in the human modeling industry, but Nyandafuru Sexy Gurabia counts both males and females among its stars.

▼ Cover boy Unitaro

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Also, while many human gurabia rise to fame on the merits of their bounteous breasts, the world of cat gurabia seems more focused on feline backsides and hiplines.

▼ Special judges’ award recipient Shiro

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▼ Tsubumaro and Chachamaru

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And just like top human gurabia, the book’s kitties are skilled at flashing an enticing, come-hither glance at the camera.

▼ Gizmo and Ku

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▼ Jiro

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If you’re interested in seeing the rest of Nyandafuru Sexy Gurabia, the book can be downloaded free of charge here from eBookJapan, or read thorough your browser here. Just don’t let your pet cat catch you reading it, unless you want a very awkward evening.

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