Even the pet’s owner was surprised to look down and see the cat become part of the environment like this.

There are two things we especially love about the internet: cats and optical illusions. Twitter user @hanamomoact has shared an image that combines the two greats, and it’s received thousands of retweets from people enamoured with the strange effect that’s been created.

▼ The Japanese photographer, currently living in Al-`Ain in the United Arab Emirates, remarked on the fact that the cat appears to have a hole perfectly carved into the side of its body.

The strange hollow effect is only evident when the cat, who’s known as “Okaachan” or “Momma”, heads out into the desert environment around their home.

Despite living amongst dogs, rabbits, gazelles, horses, sheep, cows, chickens and camels, it’s the huge number of cats on their property that continually grab the photographer’s attention. However, this cat in particular stands out because of its unusual markings. While the hollow effect is enough to stop you in your tracks, it’s easy to see how the image plays with your eyes.

▼ The black and ginger colours inside the circular spot on the cat’s side perfectly resemble a dark shadow and patch of desert when viewed from a high angle. From the side, however, the shape is so defined it actually resembles a pie chart.

For the photographer, life amongst animals in the desert is so beautiful and fulfilling she’s even released a photo book filled with beautiful images of baby gazelles, kittens frolicking on wind-swept sands and rolling dunes shrouded in morning light. We’ll have to wait to see if the hollow-bellied Okaachan makes an appearance in her future projects.

Source: ITmedia
Top Image: Twitter/@hanamomoact