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The only organization strong enough to take on all the Godzilla and Unit 01 crossover merchandise is U.N. NERV’s Anti-Godzilla Division. The specialized unit has a modified logo, replacing NERV’s maple leaf with the spikes from Godzilla’s back.


Prospective recruits can join the battle between Unit-01 and Godzilla by purchasing a folding storage container, camo duffle bag, storage pouch, t-shirt, and keychains. The items are available for sale on Amazon Japan or the Evangelion Store.

With Hideaki Anno (the director of Neon Genesis Evangelion) helming the upcoming Godzilla Resurgence film (along with live-action Attack on Titan‘s Shinji Higuchi, who wrote and storyboarded several Evangelion episodes) an Evangelion × Godzilla crossover should come as no surprise. Products spawned by the original April Fool’s joke include two figures, Ichiban Lottery prizes and regional hand towels.

[Via Minna no Eva Fan blog]

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