Just because you have a little one in tow doesn’t mean you can’t take a family outing to Japan’s biggest rock music festival.

This year will mark the 20th Fuji Rock Festival held since it began in 1997. While the first couple of years saw the festival held near the base of Mount Fuji – hence the name – it has since been held at the Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture. The festival lasts for three days and features more than 200 musicians, both Japanese and international, making it the ultimate destination for any music lover in the country. But what about those with kidlets in tow? The little ones wouldn’t be able to handle the crowds and loud music, or would just be bored to death, wouldn’t they?

Hardly the case, it would seem, as the area not only offers plenty of nature and wide open spaces for kids to get in touch with their wild side, but there are also a number of facilities and activities catering specifically to the younger crowd at a dedicated area called KIDS LAND.

KIDS LAND is just what it sounds like, and is sure to please both kids and parents alike.



There are wooden swings…


FRF15_2936 (1)

A merry-go-round…


Mori no ongakukai (Concert in the forest)…


Instrument making…


There is also face painting, a small-time candy store, cloth story-board plays, and a bonfire. And, just in case you tire of all the above activities, you can take a short walk to the nearby creek to cool off and refresh.


So, if any of you rock-loving parents had any reservations about heading out to enjoy Japan’s biggest rock festival as a family, worry no longer. It’s sure to be an awesome time for all!

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Images: Fuji Rock Festival Electric News