“Fuji Rock Anywhere” can be made with ordinary household products.

This year’s three-day Fuji Rock music festival has come to a close, but for many this is bittersweet news. Not everyone has the time or money to spend on such fun in the sun, and that includes performance artist Bokunou (@_bokunou) who instead developed a way to bring Fuji Rock to the masses.

“My new work is a thing called ‘Fuji Rock Anywhere.’ Even if you can’t go to Fuji Rock because you have to work, you will feel like you went there. All you need is a lawn, spray bottle, and earphones.”

As the video shows, all you have to do is take two swatches of artificial turf. However, dry grass isn’t going to fool anyone, especially yourself, so you must first spritz the lawn with some water. Then, simply slip off your footwear and step onto the lush greenery.

Next slide in your earphones and play some music. Some audio from the actual Fuji Rock found on YouTube, like the video below, would be good, but eh, whatever floats your boat is fine too.

After that, just close your eyes and be transported to a real music festival. According to the video, at some point your shirt will get ripped off. I’m not sure why because I haven’t tried it myself yet.

Still, Fuji Rock Anywhere allows you to experience a music festival using two of your senses. While that’s two less than actually being at Fuji Rock, it’s still one more than not being at Fuji Rock…so there’s that.

The invention was well-received over Twitter, netting high praise such as:

“Bokunou is a genius.”
“I can’t go to Fuji Rock, so I’m going to do this.”
“This is seriously the best.”
“This is really clever.”
“It can work for other music festivals too!”
“That’s great, but seriously, you should wear shoes at an actual music festival because it’s filthy.”
“You could also just stand in some regular grass outside and not pay anything!”

Fans of Bokunou might notice that he’s missing his trademark bangs that were featured in his breakout hit video “Brushing Man.”

Bokunou has also teamed up with makers of Cup Noodle, Nissin, and given their track record for the bizarre, this 2018 collaboration should surprise no one. Bokuno developed the Futaomen (Lid Mask) campaign in which people are encouraged to make a mask out of the lids from UFO instant yakisoba tubs.

▼ Bokunou makes a startling appearance at the very end of this commercial, telling us all to make a Futaomen

Yes, we are witnessing the birth of a real Renaissance man in Bokunou and are excited to see what he does next. Meanwhile, if you’re upset about not being able to see our own reporter Seiji Nakazawa perform at a sold-out festival in England, you now know what to do.

Source: Twitter/@_bokunou, Netlab, Nissin
Featured image: Twitter/@_bokunou
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