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Pile drivers, headlocks, and bra clasps are all in a day’s work for Taichi.

36-year-old Taichi Ishikari, known in the ring as simply Taichi, made his professional wrestling debut at the age of 22, and has been part of the industry ever since. In his nearly decade and a half entertaining fans, Taichi has been on both the delivering and receiving end of countless strikes, holds, and throws. That’s all to be expected in his line of work, but in a recent tweet Taichi shared an experience that’s much more unique among professional grapplers.

▼ Taichi (right) and Miho Abe (left)

During a recent match, Taichi was joined in the ring by model and media personality Miho Abe, who was dressed in a rather revealing bra-like top. Professional wrestling being what it is, during the program some sort of commotion occurred, and Abe’s top came undone, at which point Taichi sprang into action and reattached it for her.

Thanks to his physical prowess, the honor of the comely 28-year-old (who proudly boasts that her nicknames is “The Walking Pheromone”) was preserved. “I wonder if I’m the only one who’s had to fix a woman’s bra hook in the ring,” mused Taichi, who also expressed his relief that he was able to keep the cameras from capturing more than they should and earning the wrath of broadcasting authorities.

So let this be a lesson, all of you who’re looking to make a career in pro wrestling. To make it as a star, you might not just need strong muscles and energetic charisma, but quick fingers too.

Source, top image: Twitter/@taichi0319

In his decade of being a writer, Casey has never had to professionally help a woman with her bra, but you can follow him on Twitter anyway.