giant isopod tea top

“Oh hello, dearie. Would you like some tea? I made it fresh just for you.”

We’ve seen before that creepy-yet-undeniably-cool-looking giant isopods make for great iPhone cases and bento lunch sausages, but now it seems that a new use has been found for the little buggers: tea infuser.

▼ “A giant isopod tea infuser. Bought it at the museum the other day. Tea kept gushing out of the bottom holes, making it grosser than I expected.”

Just in case it’s not immediately apparent what’s going on, the giant isopod is a plastic container for loose leaf tea, letting you steep your hot water in style.

These guys are for sale at the Numazu Deepblue Aquarium in Shizuoka Prefecture and have been pretty popular online – even, sometimes, a little too popular.

▼ D’aww, look at its cute l’il hands!

▼ And its… uh… big alien eyes. Oh! Is that a smile I see?

▼ Looks like they’re all sold out. There’s just something so alluring about having your tea made by a giant bug.

Would you be less inclined to drink isopod-infused tea? Or, perhaps, more inclined? Either way, now that we’re able to have drinks made by isopods, we’ve finally achieved the ability to have a 100-percent full isopod meal, for those who are into that kind of thing.

Source: Twitter/@majyokkorei via togech
Featured/top image: Twitter/@majyokkorei