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Finally, a way to eat these delicious spongy white noodles on the go. You don’ wanna miss it!

Anyone who’s ever eaten instant chicken ramen knows that in a pinch, those dry, flavored noodles serve as a pretty good substitution for potato chips. Well, fried noodle lovers have reason to celebrate because they are soon going to have a little more variety in the snack department.

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Introducing Udon Wafu Shichimi Shitate, the newest product from snack and dessert company, Bourbon. This new snack is a bag of Japanese-style udon noodles prepared with a concoction of seven spices known as shichimi.

▼ Udon? It’s time to meet Bourbon.

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The noodles have also been paired up with onions and ginger to complete a veritable trifecta of crunchy goodness.

▼ We just caught you trying to reach into your screen, didn’t we?!?


You’ll be able to purchase these new snacks all over Japan starting from June 28 for only 130 yen (US$1.25). We can’t wait to crack open a cold beer after a long day at the RocketNews24 offices and dig into a package of these noodles. No chopsticks required!

Source: Japaaan Magazine
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