Is this the canine version of planking?

Do dogs have memes? I’m not asking if man’s best friend can be the subject or star of memes that humans pass around, since we already know that phenomena can happen. I mean, do dogs actively spread memes among each other?

Just last week we looked at a dog in Japan that had the country chuckling for snoozing with its forelegs splayed out like a pair of wings. Now, another photo in the genre of “Japanese dogs sleeping in crazy poses” has come to light, leading me to think this may be their version of planking or Tebowing.

“He’s been sleeping curled up like a water flea,” tweeted doting dog owner and Twitter user @_kin_taro_. One online commenter offered the alternate perspective that the pooch looks like a competitive high diver, but just about everyone who’s been sharing the photo over the last few days in Japan seems to agree that he’s quirkily adorable.

But while @_kin_taro_’s photos are getting plenty of attention right now, they were actually taken last fell, so it’s not like her pet was trying to play off of the “flying” dog from last week. If anything, @_kin_taro_’s animal is the original who’s inspiring other dogs to put their own spin on a trend he started.

Of course, the discovery of two uniquely posed sleeping pets could just be a coincidence. But if dogs are indeed creating their own memes, it would explain why one of them is spending so much time surfing the Internet these days.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@_kin_taro_

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