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From whacky, head-scratching sights to mysterious places of exotic beauty, this video clip reveals Japan through the eyes of travelling foreigners.

When it comes to finding out more about life in Japan, online webcaster Wao!Ryu, whose name translates to “Wow!Trend”, has been entertaining English-speaking audiences with a number of YouTube channels devoted to Japanese subcultures, addressing everything from games to makeup and anime. Their “Ask Japanese” channel is dedicated to the word on the street, as passers-by in Tokyo are asked to give their opinions on all sorts of topics like women’s ideal body types and what kind of women Japanese men go for. Now, they’re asking foreigners to reveal fun photos they’ve taken of Japan with their mobile phones, and the pictures, along with the stories that accompany them, reveal some of the things that can catch the eye on a visit to the country.

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▼ One traveller revealed a serene picture of a cat sitting by a shrine.

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▼ While another shared a picture from a trip to Miyajima and the famous red torii gate on a rainy day.

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▼ And then there are these visitors, who visited a cute and crazy shop with “naked Barbies all across the back wall…”

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Whether it’s a well-known tourist spot or a tiny detail on a shop shelf, these visitors and their tales of adventure in Japan make us want to set out and see everything the country has to offer! To see more pictures of Japan taken by foreigners, check out the full video below.

Source: PR Times
Top Image: YouTube/Ask Japanese
Screenshots: YouTube/Ask Japanese