Osaka kitty’s adorable quest to gain entrance to noodle restaurant caught on video.

The compact design of Japanese buildings and cities means that restaurant kitchens often have vents that release the mouth-watering smell of their fare right out onto the street. Sometimes, it’s so tempting that passersby find themselves suddenly convinced they need to head in for a bite to eat, and this little kitty, spotted by Japanese Twitter user @taro0520 in Osaka’s Motomachi neighborhood, was no exception.

However, while human patrons can enter this branch of udon chain Tsurumaru with no problems, it wasn’t so easy for the aromatically enticed feline.

While his tiny stature makes him adorable, it also makes him too short to trigger the electric eye that opens the automatic door. But the little guy just knows there’re all sorts of tasty treats waiting for him inside, and so he rapidly scampers back and forth, looking for any crack in the restaurant’s defenses.

Unfortunately for the video’s star, it looks like his efforts were in vain. Maybe someone can put him in touch with the electricians who installed a special automatic door for this security dog in Kumamoto, or at least this bento-craving kitty so they can swap bittersweet tales of longing for Japanese food.

Source: Twitter/@taro0520

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