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Nothing succeeds like excess, and for five decades now, Weekly Playboy has been a very successful magazine.

Some prurient periodical purchasers may be disappointed to find that not all of the of the attractive young women featured in Japan’s Weekly Playboy appear naked within the pages of the magazine. Many of them belong to the gurabia class of models, for whom sexy, revealing outfits are the norm, but blatant nudity is frowned upon.

While you could engage in a long, scholarly debate over whether or not the gurabia tactic of leaving something to the imagination makes them all the more alluring, there is one upside their supporters would say is indisputable: the less explicit nature of their work, compared to full nude models, makes it easier to put together a dream team of gurabia for group shots. So to celebrate its recent 50th anniversary, Weekly Playboy called on the charms of 50 of Japan’s most currently popular gurabia, much to the joy of men all across Japan.

Among the models who showed up for the photo shoot were Yuka Kuramochi, Asuka Kishi, Erina Kamiya, Kaori Hisamatsu, and Miko Terada. A number of the participants tweeted about the endeavor, with Hisamatsu showing off pictures of two of the cover images taken on the day…

…and Kuramochi even sharing some behind-the-scenes photos.

In the interest of full disclosure, we should mention that Weekly Playboy’s 50th anniversary was last month, so the video above is about two weeks old. But you know what they say: better late than never, especially when dozens of bikini models are involved.

Source: AOL Japan
Top image: YouTube/週プレYOUTUBEチャンネル

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