If you think your stomach can handle the element of surprise, you may want to try IKEA’s new ninja hotdog – and, yes, it is very black.

IKEA Japan is celebrating its 10th year anniversary with the new “Ninja Dog” for a very reasonable 300 yen.

KAKEJIKU (Shikishigake) by Hideyuki Kamon via Flickr

The food item was so named because it is said to closely resemble a ninja’s scroll – one of the black ones we presume.

Recently, there has been a trend in Japan of turning your normal foodstuffs into something that looks like it has been dipped into a bucket of ink (remember Burger King’s Kuro Burger?).

Although this may not seem very appetizing to some foreigners, it seems to be a winning recipe amongst the locals. If nothing else, you have to admit it does look kind of cool.

▼The new “ninja dog”, blacker than an ace of spades

black dog

The blackness in the hot dog and bun comes from edible bamboo charcoal, which is said to kill off toxins in the body – let’s hope that’s all it’s killing off. And it seems like your toxins are in for a rude shock with the bun measuring in at 20 centimetres and the hot dog itself coming in at a massive 30 centimetres.

▼ The ninja dog vs your body’s toxins!

伊賀忍者特殊軍団 阿修羅 by m-louis via Flickr

Who knows, maybe the ninja dog will help with your navigation skills and you’ll never fear getting lost inside IKEA again. The ninja dog will be available until 31 December, 2016 and will cost 300 yen (US$2.92) alone or 350 yen as a drink bar set.

Source: NariNari, PRTimes, IKEA Japan
Images: IKEA Japan, Flickr/Hideyuki KAMON, Flickr/m-louis