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Sailor Moon is a busy girl. Along with having to juggle her responsibilities as both a regular junior high school student and the guardian of humanity, she’s got a packed social calendar of hanging out with her friends and going on dates with her boyfriend/helping him recover his senses from one of his worryingly frequent brainwashings.

If you’ve got a similarly large number of appointments to keep track of, maybe you could use a little help from this Sailor Moon day planner featuring dozens of stylish touches and flip-book art inspired by the franchise.

The 2016 Sailor Moon schedule book has a whopping 192 pages, all encased in a zip-close synthetic leather cover accented with the Crisis Moon Compact and mentor cats Luna and Artemis.

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Inside, you’ll find an address list, rail and subway map of Tokyo, BMI table, and pointers on letter-writing and business etiquette. The pages that will see the most use, though, are the monthly and weekly calendars, plus the blank memo sheets.

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In the bottom right corner of each month’s page, you’ll find a Sailor Moon costume.

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But since one of the strengths of the series is its ensemble cast, each month features the outfit of a different magical girl or formally dressed masked man.

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There’s more fun waiting on the weekly schedule pages, which have monthly tabs in the image colors of the various Sailor Senshi and flip-book art of Luna and Artemis sharing a smooch or watching a shooting star soar by.

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Finally, the book also comes with 34 memo pages, once again with Sailor Moon artwork adorning the corners.

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The 3,942-yen (US$32) Sailor Moon schedule book can be ordered here through the Premium Bandai online store. Delivery is scheduled for December, just in time to use in the new year.

Source, images: Premium Bandai