The next time you’re thinking of having sex, think of Sailor Moon.

The English version of the Sailor Moon theme song tells us, right off the bat, that she’s all about “Fighting evil by moonlight” and within the context of the anime that means battling villains like Queen Beryl, Wiseman, and their monstrous minions. Of course, in reality we don’t have to worry about such sinister supernatural entities, but Sailor Moon is still looking out for our real-world nocturnal safety and wants to help protect us not from a monster of the week, but from sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Unfortunately, Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick, Cutie Moon Rod, and other assorted weaponry is of little use in this regard. That’s why, in keeping with anime magical girl tradition, she’s getting some new items to help her in this fight: Sailor Moon condoms!

This might seem like another chapter in the inexhaustible money-making marketing potential of the Sailor Moon franchise (after all, it wasn’t all that long ago that Sailor Moon feminine hygiene sanitary pads went on sale). However, it turns out that Sailor Moon condoms are totally free. A three-way collaboration between the Japanese government’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, HIV-awareness organization Act Against AIDS, and Okamoto Lovers Lab (a division of Japanese condom maker Okamoto Condoms), the Sailor Moon condoms will be handed out for free at two upcoming events. The first will take place from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Mark Is Fukuoka Momochi shopping complex in Fukuoka City on October 5, and the second from noon to 4 p.m. on October 14 at the Alice Garden event space in downtown Hiroshima City, with both events timed so that recipients will be in possession of the condoms in time for any naked transformation sequences they might be engaging in later those nights.

The condoms come in a heart-shaped package with a smiling, super-deformed version of Sailor Moon, accompanied by her mentor cat Luna and drawn by series creator and manga artist Naoko Takeuchi. There’s no word as to whether the condoms themselves are lovingly decorated with artwork, like Okamoto’s ukiyo-e woodblock print condoms, but given Okamoto’s firm, long-standing reputation for quality condoms, they should do the job just fine when it’s time to do the deed.

Oh, and while the purpose of the events is to raise awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and the importance of HIV testing, it’s worth remembering that condoms are also a pretty effective form of birth control. So if you cringe every time Sailor Moon’s daughter Chibiusa is on screen, consider that she could have avoided having to deal with the brat by having Tuxedo Mask strap up.

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Source: Sailor Moon official website via Kinisoku

Images: Sailor Moon official website
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