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The recent super blood moon eclipse has put us all in a lunar mood, and the greatest moon protector, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, has been as big and popular as a (relatively) gigantic red moon. For those of us who want to show off our Sailor Moon pride, the choices have been a little bit flashy recently.

But why go gaudy when you can go extremely elegant with these cute and stylish rings inspired by the special moves of each sailor scout? Putting one of these on is going to have you spinning around and shouting, “Moon Prism Power!”

If you have a favorite Sailor scout, this might be the best way to honor that Pretty Guardian. These wonderful rings subtly embody each of the five girls, so that you can wear them on a regular, daily basis and not be called out as a nerdy otaku. Round up four friends who share your love of Sailor Moon and you can each wear one with pride. Or better yet, just get them all for yourself and wear a different one each day of the work week!

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Each ring is designed to symbolize the signature move of one of the sailor scouts. Move over Tuxedo Mask, because these scouts have some serious girl power!

▼Inspired by Sailor Moon’s Moon Tiara Action, it’s has the same red stone as Usagi’s hair ornaments.

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▼ Inspired by Sailor Mercury’s first move, Mercury Aqua Mist, this classy ring is set with blue stones in the shape of a drop of water.

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▼ Modeled after the classic attack of Sailor Mars, Mars Flame Sniper, this ring has her bow and arrow as well as a gem representing the red planet.

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▼ This ring, inspired by Sailor Jupiter’s Flower Hurricane, has a number of colored gems set in roses, which this Sailor Scout always wears.

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▼ Modeled after Sailor Venus’s Love Me Chain move, it features a heart-shaped stone with a band made of a chain of hearts.

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The rings will cost 9,800 yen (US $81.21) each and are available for pre-order between September 25 and October 19 on the Premium Bandai site in three sizes, Japanese 9, 11 and 13 (US/Canada 5, 6, 6 ½).

If you are a Sailor Moon fan who doesn’t often wear jewelry then there are also a pair of super cute fluffy jackets as well. Inspired by the two “cats” who guide the Sailor Scouts, you will feel Luna and Artemis’ warm embrace whenever you slip on either of these jackets. (Note: neither jacket is made from Luna or Artemis fur.)

▼ The Luna and Artemis jackets are in black and white and bear the iconic crescent moon as well as cat ears.

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Each jacket will cost 8,800 yen ($72.93) and is also available for pre-order on the Premium Bandai site. The fabulous rings will ship around the beginning of December while the jackets will be ship at the end of January 2016. Re-live your Sailor Moon days with either of these great wearables, in the name of the moon!

Source: Nijimen
Images: Super Groupies