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A while back, the rights holders for Sailor Moon decided the franchise would henceforth have the official English title Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, a looser adaptation than the direct translation of its Japanese name, which would have been Beautiful Girl Warrior Sailor Moon.

Linguistic purists may bristle at the new title, but the argument can be made that it fits better with Sailor Moon’s less aggressive personality, in that she fights only to protect others. And now, after years of guarding her in-anime world from the forces of evil, Sailor Moon and her companions are ready to guard their real-world fans from the rain and sun, with this line of Sailor Moon umbrellas.

Anime fashion label Super Groupies recently unveiled the six Sailor Moon umbrellas, which the company boasts can be used to keep you dry in the rain or as parasols to protect you from skin-damagingly harsh sunlight.

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Starting things off is the star herself. The 5,800-yen (US$49) Sailor Moon umbrella is adorned with a red ribbon evocative of the ones the heroine wears on her chest and back.

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Attached to the ribbon is a short chain with a charm modeled after the character’s transformation brooch.

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The rest of the Inner Senshi are represented as well, only instead of the transformation brooch, their umbrellas feature charms shaped like their planets’ celestial symbols.

▼ A Sailor Mercury umbrella seems especially appropriate, given her water-based powers.

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▼ However, Sailor Mars’ is not actually flame-repellant.

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Sailor Jupiter’s umbrella proves the character can do girly as well as she can tough.

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Sailor Venus’ umbrella, like all of the other Senshi’s, is priced at 5,800 yen.

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Finally, if your love of Sailor Moon is as much about the where and when as it is the who, tossing down an extra 1,000 yen will get you this 6,800-yen Silver Millennium umbrella, showing the Moon Kingdom at the height of its grandeur.

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All six designs can be ordered directly from Super Groupies here, with delivery scheduled for late July.

Source: Super Groupies
Images: Super Groupies (edited by RocketNews24