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Let the magical star of the Hayao Miyazaki classic deliver your messages with a personal touch.

Earlier this week, we took a look at a set of postage stamps honoring the complete lineup of theatrical anime features from Studio Ghibli. But while they’re gorgeous to look at, collectors obviously won’t want to actually tear the stamps off and stick them on a letter, which makes their beauty hard to enjoy with others.

On the other hand, these new stamps for the Line messaging app (available here) let you share your love of Hayao Miyazaki’s Kiki’s Delivery Service with your online friends as many times as you like. Just 240 yen (US$2.30) gets you 40 stamps, representing a number of characters from the 1989 classic, which remains the only film written, directed, and produced by Miyazaki.

▼ Included in the set are Kiki, Jiji, Jiji’s girlfriend, Ursula, Tombo, Osono…

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▼ …Osono’s husband, the veteran witch from the movie’s opening…

KL 2

▼ …the elderly woman who tries to ride Kiki’s broom, and Kiki’s mother.

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It might seem a little surprising for the famously old-fashioned Ghibli to be dabbling in this sort of high-tech fun, but apparently the reaction to the Totoro Line stamps, which debuted in April, was positive enough to encourage the studio to give Kiki and her friends the same treatment. And while the little witch doesn’t have the same sort of star power as the cuddly forest spirit, her opposable thumbs allow her to grip and use a smartphone, something we can’t recall ever seeing a Studio Ghibli character do before.

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Hopefully she’ll remember to put it away if noted Luddite Miyazaki is around.

Source: IT Media
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