Fool your friends with these must have mega-realistic “waribashi” disposable chopstick pens!

We’ve all seen the awesome Japanese fake foods, but now there’s a fake eating utensil that has the added bonus of releasing ink.

Created by GeoDesign, the “waribashi” (disposable chopstick) ball pen is guaranteed to produce some fun reactions when you next have to take down some notes.

▼ They had me fooled!


Or, we suppose, it would make the perfect gift for someone you don’t want to spend too much money on…

To use the pen you just take off the lid and you’re ready to go — and it even comes with its own paper pouch that looks just like the real thing!


The square design may come across as slightly uncomfortable but the makers insist that it will fit nice and snug in your hand.

The pen is 190 millimeters (7.48 inches) long with a 0.8-millimeter (0.03-inch) ballpoint tip.

▼Take off the cap and you’re ready to write your next novel


If you’re having a boring day, placing the disposable chopstick pen nearby at your next meeting will surely liven up the mood! The “waribashi” ball pen is selling for a reasonable 340 yen (US$3.36) on Amazon Japan.

Source: Japaaan Magazine, Amazon
Image: Amazon