Not in the mood for skinless chicken? How about some chickenless skin instead?

KFC stands for “Kentucky Fried Chicken,” but it’s really the “fried” part that the chain is the most committed to. Outside the chain’s home state of Kentucky, for example, KFC Japan has offered deep-fried soup, and now the global KFC family is offering yet another fried foodstuff that may or may not qualify as chicken, depending on how you define the word.

That’s because most of the time when people talk about eating “chicken,” they’re talking about eating the bird’s muscles, like the breast or thigh. KFC Indonesia’s newest menu item, though, is simply a bag stuffed with fried chicken skin.

“Never enough” boasts KFC Indonesia about its innovation.

13,636 rupiahs (US$0.95) gets you what looks like roughly a dozen bite-sized pieces of crispy fowl flesh, seasoned with an indeterminate number of the Colonel’s herbs and spices. Numerous Instagram users have already left comments along the lines of “I waaaaaant these!” and asking KFC to expand the product’s availability beyond the current six Jakarta branches (MT Haryono (KFC Gelael), Salemba, Cideng, Kemang, Kalimalang, and Kelapa Gading) it’s initially being offered at.

While the idea might seem strange at first, it’s really not all that different from pork scratchings or pork rinds, which are actually crisp-fried pork skin and have been a popular snack in Britain and the American south for generations. And to KFC Indonesia’s credit, it’s not trying to hide what the new item is with a fancy name like “Chicken Thins” or “Crunch Clucks.” It just straight-up calls it “Chicken Skin.”

“Incomparable crispness!”

Currently, KFC Chicken Skin is an Indonesian exclusive. Skewers of grilled chicken skin are a standard menu item at Japanese yakitori restaurants, though, and since KFC Japan previously adapted to local tastes with matcha green tea desserts and karaage bento boxed lunches, maybe we’ll see KFC Chicken Skin in Tokyo one day too. For now, though, you’ll need to hop on a plane to Jakarta if you want to try them, so try not to slip into such a deep food coma nap after eating them that you miss your flight home.

Source, featured image: Instagram/kfcindonesia
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