Beautiful new collection celebrates “an autumn festival of animals living in the coffee forest“.

With outlets around the globe, Starbucks has a lot of experience in localising their products to suit local tastes, coming out with super-exclusive, limited-edition products that everyone in the world ends up wanting.

So when the coffeehouse chain unveiled their latest drinkware range, available exclusively in South Korea, we seriously contemplated making the journey over, because… I mean, how cute is this?

The Autumn Fox Mug above, which lets you sip your beverage with the cute assist of a fox-tail handle, is just one of the adorable items in the limited-edition range. Other products include:

  • The Coffee Time Thermos, beautifully decorated with images of animals enjoying some coffee time with freshly harvested coffee beans
  • The Autumn Fox Dripper, a ceramic product that lets you make drip coffee with a splash of cuteness
  • The Beckie Autumn Beige Tumbler, resplendent in gradated tones of beige gold and pink gold, to conjure up the atmosphere of autumn


There’s also:

  • The Squirrel Spoon Mug, which is designed to look like a coffee bag filled with coffee beans and includes a squirrel-adorned ceramic spoon
  • The Elma Autumn Siren Tumbler, which depicts the coffee forest at the bottom, with squirrels playing at the top, beside an embossed siren logo

▼ Autumn sure looks like beautiful over in South Korea.

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The autumn drinkware range is currently available in stores and online for a limited time. Like their previous limited-edition collections, though, a lot of the items have unfortunately sold out, which makes us even more tempted to book a trip over to the mainland to scour their Starbucks stores in person!

Images: Starbucks Korea
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