Patrol Car Dog

The pup’s sad face makes us wonder what on earth he did to earn himself a ride in a cop car.

It’s not every day that a pup finds himself in the hands of the law, but that’s exactly what happened to one sad pooch who was seen holed up in the back seat of a Japanese police car in Aichi Prefecture. Twitter user @alice_herb snapped a photo of the unlikely felon, and since posting it online on Twitter, it’s received more than 70,000 likes and 63,000 retweets in just two days. 

According to @alice_herb, the photo was actually taken two years ago, during a bike ride through the city. It was only after they saw a pedestrian staring and pointing at the police car that they realised there was a non-human form sitting behind the driver.

▼ Dogs in custody aren’t allowed to feel the wind rushing through their fur out of an open window.

Patrol Car

While he might have the sad look of a dog off to prison, there’s little chance the pup was arrested for criminal activity. Aichi Police have said it’s not uncommon for police officers to pick up lost dogs in order to try and reconnect them with their owners so that should close the mysterious case of the dog in the patrol car. We hope the dog happily found its way back home and is enjoying quality time out of the spotlight with its owners!

Source: ITMedia
Images: Twitter/@alice_herb