Tokyo rapper arrested for tagging Yamanote Line while drunk

Public not all that shocked by the news.

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Japanese apartment renter gets told he “sucks at rapping,” asked by management to shut up

Diss is backed up by landlord in an example of Japanese renting etiquette.

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U.S. Rapper Lil Baby makes waves in Japan, but for something other than his music

A controversial eating choice that has brought Lil Baby into the minds of Japanese people.

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And now, a special message to Japan from that angry German kid who smashed his keyboard in 2006

The one and only “Keyboard Crusher” is back, and hopes Japan will buy his new gangsta rap album.

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Pikachu freestyle raps in battle with fellow Pokémon Mimikyu【Video】

Pikachu and Mimikyu used sick burns, but were they effective?

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Tokyo government teams up with Japanese rapper to promote roller coaster subway system【Video】

Take a look at Tokyo’s underground tunnels from the driver’s seat of a train in this awesome new music video.

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Japan’s AI schoolgirl has stopped acting suicidal and is now a rapper 【Video】

First song’s lyrics contain not even a single death threat.

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DJ Miso Soup & MC Rice lands endorsement deal rapping about dish soap

Japan’s premier gourmet rapper would like to drop a little science on you about a whole new way to wash dishes.

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Inventor of instant ramen noodles appears as Japanese samurai in awesome new animated rap video

The beautiful animated visuals and rap soundtrack make it easy to learn Japanese and discover the history of instant noodles at the same time.

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Chinese Communist Party tries to spit the straight skinny in its rap about China, Taiwan 【Video】

So that’s what communist rap sounds like.

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Japanese female electro-rap duo Charisma.com: Office workers by day, musicians by night 【Videos】

If you’re looking for a new musical act to blow your mind, look no further than Charisma.com (カリスマドットコム).

The electro-rap duo (yes, you read that right!) is composed of two Japanese women–MC Itsuka and DJ Gonchi–who will without a doubt knock your socks off with their genre-defying sound. Once you’ve listened to some of their work, you can say goodbye to peace and quiet because you’ll never get Gonchi’s catchy melodies or Itsuka’s fast and furious rapping out of your head. Impressively, over the past two years, their music has been steadily attracting attention from all corners of the world. Would you say that they’re on the path to complete global domination?

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Smartphone maker HTC launches smack-talking rap video, leaves us quite literally asking “WTF?”

“Y’all can’t be serious man,” HTC’s painfully awkward rap video begins as the beat kicks in. And, for a second there, we kind of wondered the exact same thing ourselves.

Released last week by Taiwanese (high) tech company HTC, “Hold the Crown” is an ultra-low budget battle-rap dedicated to the self-proclaimed “king” of smartphones, the HTC One M8, and calling out rivals the iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy. It’s one of the most baffling yet brilliant things we’ve ever seen.

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Remember your manners or these hip-hop cleaning ladies will bust your ass

Few would ever imagine that a pair of cleaning ladies from Japan should be something to be afraid of, but like a childhood friend’s terrifying mother busting a game of spin-the-bottle, a recent series of videos featuring two such individuals has put the fear of God into us today as well as reminding us that we’re never too big for a smack.

Going by the name Caddie Golu Golu, these middle-aged cleaning ladies are part of a campaign by entertainment company Sega Sammy ahead of its golf tournament, the Sega Sammy Cup 2014, which will be held next month. Wearing pink-and-white cleaner’s outfits and giant sun visors, these rapping ladies get up in the faces of rude and inconsiderate golfers, and have also featured in a series of videos meant for the general public, attacking people on the streets of Tokyo who smoke where they shouldn’t, fail to pick up their dog’s poop, or who walk while looking at their smartphones.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Rapping Vegeta is over 9,000 levels of awesomeness

Dragon Ball fans are truly hardcore. Some fans express their love for the series by creating homemade animation videos complete with animated family members. Others perform elaborate raps while cosplaying as their favorite characters, as in the YouTube video “Battleful Days.” Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see Vegeta, Frieza, Piccolo, and Yamcha rap? Now’s your chance! For your ease of comprehension, we have compiled a full translation of the lyrics to the rap featured in this video. Enjoy!

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Taste the mad flavas of DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan’s recipe raps 【Videos】

Recipes are invaluable resources for daily life that with just the right focus can empower even the most kitchenphobic person to slap together semi-decent meal. However, recipe books can be unwieldy and weak to the heat and fluids flying around the cooking space. The advent of the internet has helped, but we’re still left nervously trying to swipe at a touch screen with flour-and-egg-caked fingers.

This is where DJ Misoshiru & MC Gohan (DJ Miso Soup & MC Rice) come in. Their unique brand of recipe rap takes up only the space in your ears and with their nostalgic old-school beats those instructions will be hard to get out of your head afterwards. Come, join us on this Japanese hip-hop gourmet journey.

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SoftBank’s White Dog Gets a Free Rap and DJ App for iOS (and It’s Awesome)

Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank is seemingly never out of the news recently. In the past seven days, we’ve seen CEO Masayoshi Son put down a heckler on Twitter, offer his employees up to a month’s pay for mastering English, and now the company comes out with a genuinely wonderful free app for iOS in celebration of being Japan’s most popular telecommunications provider for five years running.

Officially titled 「ラップお父さん」 “Rappu Otousan” (lit. rap dad), the application is essentially a sound board filled with memorable lines uttered by members of SoftBank’s fictional White Family, as seen in commercials. As well as allowing users to annoy friends with one-liners like “Shut it!”, “What’s so funny!?” and even the company CEO’s famous “Let’s do it!” line, users can play and mix a variety of prerecorded rhythm tracks, making this app by far the most wonderful time-waster we’ve discovered so far this year.

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