Ever wondered what it would be like to shove your mouth into a three-gallon mound of glistening, wobbly jelly? We’ve got all the crazy photos after the break!

Ever since our Japanese team bought a giant novelty Starbucks mug last year for a whopping 86,400 yen (US$700), they’ve been coming up with creative uses for it, proving its worth as a gag product and as a handy cooking tool in the RocketKitchen. Now it’s time to whip out the giant 20-pound beast for another RocketNews24 food event, this time in honour of Jelly Day in Japan, July 14.

▼ The beer can below helps to give you an idea of the size of the giant coffee mug.


With July 14 sounding similar to the word “gelatin”, the date has been promoted as “Jelly Day” by the Gelatin Manufacturers Association of Japan. To celebrate, our Japanese reporter P.K. Sanjun led the team in a jelly-making event of giant proportions, starting the night before by setting the dessert in the oversized mug, using twelve bags of jelly in four different flavours.


▼ With a kettle and two pots on the boil at the same time, it took P.K. about two hours to mix 12 litres (3 gallons) of boiled water into the mug with the jelly crystals.

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▼ Then it was time to cover the mug with plastic wrap and place it in the fridge overnight to set.


By the time P.K. arrived at the office the next morning to check on his masterpiece, it looked like it had set with a nice glossy coating on the surface.


But the truth would be revealed with the ceremonial serving of the jelly, which would be poured out of the mug and onto the plastic-covered table.


Had the jelly solidified inside? Or would it be a huge runny mess that would trickle over the sides of the table and onto the floor?


Everyone held their breath as P.K. gently tipped the contents of the mug out onto the table.




▼ There she goes!


The look of awe on the faces of P.K. and Mr Sato say it all! Jelly Day had truly arrived in the office with the glorious centrepiece looking far more beautiful than any of them had ever imagined!



▼ The gorgeous concoction deserved some manga-fication to emphasis its true greatness.


The only thing left to do now was taste. Mr Sato happily led the way by latching his lips onto one side, slurping the wobbly, fruity goodness into his giant gob.


Yoshio went for a more seductive tongue-licking approach, happy to enjoy the texture of the smooth, cool jelly on his taste buds.


To see everyone digging into the dessert like wild animals around a carcass, take a look at the video below. Happy Jelly Day everyone!

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