Some of these hit way too close to home.

We’ve been completely engrossed in Pokémon GO this past week, showing you tear-jerking Pokémon discoveries, ways to hatch eggs without having to walk, and… even more ways to hatch eggs without having to walk.

But now, after all that egg-grinding, it’s nice to just take a minute and relax with some Pokémon GO memes. Here are some of our personal favorites from the Pokémon GO Twitter meme-machine @OmgPokemonGo:

▼ #StoryOfMyLife

▼ Worth it?

▼ You mean I came outside and all I got was fresh air and sunshine? Laaame!

▼ How to succeed at your next interview.

▼ Relatable in 20 years maybe.

▼ “You’re holding me back!
…from completing my Pokédex.

▼ Ugh, add it to the pile.

▼ Pikachu used agility! Its speed rose greatly!

▼ Be careful out there, trainers!

▼ And finally…

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Source: Twitter/OmgPokemonGo via Design Taxi
Featured image: Twitter/OmgPokemonGo