Can the internet hivemind can figure out what this sign means?

We’ve seen some pretty crazy signs before, but most of them were the result of a hilarious mistranslation. This time, however, something has completely gone awry and has resulted in a picture that makes no sense.

Japanese Twitter user @hideo1680 posted their finding online, enlisting the help of the internet to try and decipher its meaning:

“So what exactly should I be careful of jumping out here?”

Um, yeah… what is going on with that sign? A deer riding a bicycle? A deer racing somebody riding a bicycle? A deer with wheels for legs? Your bicycle turning into a deer?! Internet, we need your help!

Here are some responses the Twitter user got:

“Is this what they mean?”

“This is what they look like in the wild.”

▼ Some One Piece theories.

“Is it just to show that the deer jump out at super fast speeds?”

▼ Man, these new Pokémon designs just get weirder and weirder…

Unfortunately the real meaning of the sign has nothing to do with cycling deer. It’s just one of many signs used on one of the routes at the Japan Cycle Sports Center in Shizuoka Prefecture. The signs are meant to be fun and remind bicyclists to slow down – which they will definitely do when they see such a bizarre image!

The signs are very popular with guests at the park, and, understandably, people often take pictures of them. But aside from just being funny, they appear to do their job well too: in the park’s history there has never been any incident of humans or deer crashing into each other… nor has there ever been any incident of a deer riding a bicycle either. I guess that means the signs are working as intended, right?

Source: Twitter/@hideo1680 via NetLab
Featured image: Twitter/@hideo1680