Lovable Kirby gives all of us who enjoy eating some life goals.

Nintendo’s Kirby is perhaps best known for his ability to absorb the power of characters he inhales. In his own games, he takes on the special abilities of his enemies, while in a game like Smash Bros., he gains the attacks of other players. The best part of the power up is that he retains some of the visual cues of whatever he’s eaten, which leaves us with adorable versions of the pink ball in all sorts of costumes.

Twitter user @uxit_x360 has turned things up a notch by showing off some transformations when Kirby eats real-life objects, and the results have us in stitches.

▼ BB! Kirby 8 you!

▼ This looks strong and powerful…yup

▼ Picture perfect transformation

▼ Not everyone likes cherry tomatoes, but Kirby does!

▼ Sometimes Kirby just can’t help himself…

We love how @uxit_x360 finds the perfect way to embellish the transformed Kirby so that it retains just the right amount of our hero. There are plenty more on @uxit_x360’s Twitter feed, but some of the transformations will require a bit of character knowledge to understand the payoff. All the ones we have seen are fantastic, though, so we hope @uxit_x360 continue the series!

Source & featured image: Twitter/@uxit_x360