Would you like your new tiny house in Small or Large?

Yadokari, a tiny home construction group, and Enjoywork, a real estate company based in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefectue, have teamed up to create a style of tiny house they’ve dubbed “The Skeleton Hut.” The idea is that you can customize your own structure (the “skeleton”), decorate the interior, and revert it back to its original state to your heart’s content. You can even choose the length, width, and number of windows you want.

The Skeleton Hut comes in two sizes: Small, at a cozy 4.96 square meters (53.4 feet), and large, measuring at a minimum of 24.84 square meters. The Large size can be as large as 33.12 square meters depending on the options you choose, which would make for a decent-sized apartment in Tokyo!

Here’s what the Small version looks like stripped down to it bare bones.

▼ Insert background music from The Sims


▼ This is what a Large will look like from the outside.


The neat thing about Skeleton Huts is that the Small version includes a build-it-yourself option. That’s right; this can turn into a DIY project worthy of putting on Pinterest. Yadokari and Enjoyworks will send you the materials to build it, along with the tools you need to put it together.

They may not look like much right now, but you can make your Skeleton Hut into pretty much anything you can imagine: a bedroom, a playroom, a shop, a kitchen, a secret laboratory – you name it! And if you change your mind, you can always start over.

▼ “Sure, we’ll put it here for now.”


Interested? Now, let’s talk money. A Small version will cost you 1.4 million yen (US$13,200) minimum. The Large size is a bit more varied, but the no-frills Large version will cost you at least 6.2 million yen. If you want a more livable Large with amenities like a shower and a kitchen, it will be closer to 8.8 million yen.

Want to check one of these bad boys out in person? If you’re currently in the Hayama area of Kanagawa prefecture, you’re in luck! The tiny houses will be up for viewing on Saturday, July 23rd.

Event Information
=THE SKELETON HUT Large and Small Tiny House Viewing= / = THE SKELETON HUT 「大小2つの小屋見学会」 =
Address: Kanagawa-ken, Miura-gun, Hayama, Nagae
Part 1: from 10:30a.m.-12:00p.m.
Part 2: 1:30p.m.-3:00p.m.

Find your place in the tiny house movement…if you can.

Sources: PR Times, Yadokari, Enjoystyles
Images: Yadokari