♪When the moon hits your eye, like a big moon-viewing pizza pie♪

September has long been the traditional start of tsukimi, or moon-viewing, season in Japan, and in recent years it’s become the start of tsukimi burger season too. Tsukimi burgers get their name from the inclusion of a melty fried egg, which, when perfectly round looks like the full moon.

Burgers weren’t the first food in Japan to get the tsukimi treatment, though. The concept of “tsukimi=egg” started with tsukimi soba and udon, in which a egg is dropped into a bowl of noodles to cook in the heat of the broth. So if the tsukimi concept can be applied to both noodles and burgers, why not pizza too?

That’s the idea behind Pizza Hut Japan’s new tsukimi pizza, or the Tsukimi Huts Melt, as it’s officially called. Part of the chain’s recently introduced individual-size Hut Melts lineup, this moon-viewing version comes in two varieties, but both with enticingly creamy egg inside the crisp crust. Pictured above is the Goku-uma Terichiki, or “Super Delicious Teriyaki Chicken” tsukimi pizza, which also contains corn (because Japan loves corn pizza). If you want nothing but meat and cheese, though, you can instead opt for the Kobashi Bacon (“Fragrant Bacon”).

Whichever one you choose, you get two slices in a set for 880 yen (US$6) for eat-in/pick-up, or 1,180 yen for delivery. Also part of the set is an order of French fries (which, remember, are vegetables) and a pair of dipping sauces, honey mustard and mentai mayo (mayonnaise with spicy cod roe), which you can use for either the fries or the pizza.

Both went on sale September 1 and will be available for a limited time.

Source: PR Times via Entabe
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, Pizza Hut Japan
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