Previously only available to other businesses, the tiny homes can now be purchased by anyone.

Ever since Japanese housewares and lifestyle brand Mujirushi first showed off its Mujirushi Hut microhome concepts two years ago, we’ve been captivated by the compact living spaces. Sure, there may not be space for a ton of creature comforts within their cozy confines, but the promise of maximizing simplicity and minimizing housework is an intriguing ideal.

Back in the spring, the Muji Huts went on sale for the first time, but only as part of a special joint project with Japanese company WOULD. But now Mujirushi is ready to meet the needs of more independent-minded microhome shoppers, because as of this month the Muji Huts are officially on sale to the general public, so now anyone can buy them!

▼ The floorplan of the Muji Hut (length measurements in millimeters) showing its 9.1-square meter (98-square foot) living space and 3.1-square meter front porch

Base pricing, inclusive of tax and construction costs, is listed at three million yen (approximately US$27,000), meaning that you could own your own home for about the price of a nicely optioned Mazda Roadster/Miata.

As with just about all Mujirushi products, the design is simple and understatedly fashionable, giving the house a timelessly attractive esthetic. The sliding glass door is standard, and you can also spruce the Muji Hut up with extra electrical outlets and insulation for additional costs.

▼ Diagramed in profile, the roof can be seen slanting upwards towards the rear of the house.

Mujirushi’s website says the Muji Hut is available for construction in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, Saitama, Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Yamagata, and Shizuoka Prefectures, although you’ll probably want to double-check with your specific municipality before finalizing payment for your new home. Once you’ve got an OK from the local authorities, the Muji Hut can be ordered from the chain’s branch in downtown Tokyo’s Yurakucho neighborhood.

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Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Mujirushi
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