There’s no stopping the Muji hype train at this point.

Retail brand Muji has developed a dedicated following due to its plain but chic goods. In recent years, the store has branched out ambitiously, creating lunch box sets and even a hotel.

Now Muji has taken their ventures to the next level by developing a product for those who want to both breathe and live Muji: the Plain House.

If you ever wanted to not only just rep Muji through daily lifestyle products, but also live the Muji aesthetic, the Plain House is the perfect place to call home while flexing your love for Muji. Interested buyers can now take a peek at a model Plain House in Tokyo’s southeast Koto City from December 3.

▼ For folks living in southwestern Japan, Muji will also open a showroom in Nagasaki on December 19.

▼ The general layout of a standard Plain House

▼ The layout of a larger Plain House for families

The Plain House is perfect for single individuals or couples, and consists of a foyer, living room, kitchen, dining area, washroom, bedroom, and an attached patio. For those with children, there is also a larger floor plan available that includes an office workspace and a smaller bedroom for the kids.

Dimension-wise, the Plain House is about 12 by 8 meters (roughly 13 by 9 yards) and the family-sized Plain House is slightly larger at about 12 by 9 meters. Respectively, they cost 17,770,000 yen (US$171,044) and 19,540,000 yen (US$187,546).

▼ Lots of window space to allow a generous amount of natural light.

Paneled in wood with a complementing white interior, the model home gives an overall relaxing and calm vibe. Muji’s general mission in creating the Plain House is to build a durable, environment-friendly structure that can last for generations and withstand the natural elements as well as the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Plain House is also earthquake-proof and has insulation installed.

▼ Snapshots of a model family-sized Plain House

Furthermore, those who purchase a Plain House have access to Muji’s special home renovation service dubbed “Infill 0.” Users of this service can fully customize the interior of their Plain House to their liking and can talk to a specialist for advice as well as suggestions.

The focal point of the service is to create sustainable living spaces by giving buyers creative control over their future home’s layout from the start, and no doubt this is a great plus especially for folks with disability who may have specific accessibility needs.

The showroom can be accessed at the Tokyo Ariake Center in Koto City from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. COVID-19 preventative measures, including but not limited to temperature checks and required face masks, will be enforced at the showroom for guest safety.

And in the case you’re still real estate shopping and looking for a more compact place to live, there’s always the Muji Hut to consider.

Showroom Location
Plain House Showroom / 陽の家モデルハウス
Address: Tokyo-to, Koto-ku, Ariake 2-1-7 2nd floor, Tokyo Ariake Center – Muji House
東京都江東区有明2-1-7 2F 無印良品の家 東京有明センター
Open 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

Source, images: Muji House via PR Times
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