Would you like to go on a scavenger hunt through Tokyo Metro’s maze of subways with Studio Ghibli? Well, if you’re in Tokyo between July and September, you’re in luck!

This summer, Tokyo Metro has partnered up with Studio Ghibli for the Ghibli Expo: Six Phrases from Six Famous Movies Tokyo Metro Quiz Rally (「ジブリの大博覧会」開催記念6つの名言 東京メトロクイズラリー). The quiz rally is tied to the Ghibli Expo currently being held at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

Six stations in the Tokyo Metro Network will host six phrases, each from a well-known, full-length Studio Ghibli movie. The goal is to collect flyers on racks from at least three of the six designated stations. Then, fill out an application form at Hibiya Line’s Roppongi Station with the corresponding station name and the title of the movie from which each quote is taken.

The best part? It’s free of charge! Well, if you don’t count the train fare. The catch is that all of the racks are located outside of the ticket gates, so you’ll have to pay each time you exit the gate. But, seriously, when Ghibli is involved, it’s worth it, right?

▼ This isn’t confusing at all!


Interested in participating? Get out your notebook or take a memo in your phone. Here are the flyer locations and stations:

1. Hibiya Line’s Roppongi Station, near the Nishi-Azabu side ticket gate
2. Chiyoda Line’s Akasaka Station, near Exits 1 and 2
3. Hanzomon Line’s Suitengumae Station, near the Suitengu side ticket gate
4. Ginza/Tozai Line’s Nihombashi Station, near Exit B0
5. Nambu Line’s Hon-Komagome Station, near the station office
6. Yurakucho Line’s Gokokuji Station, near the Otowa side ticket gate

Once you’ve filled out the application form completely, drop it in the application box at Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Line. You’ll officially be entered for a chance to win one of 3,000 original Studio Ghibli clear files, or one of 150 special prizes depending on the time period you enter.

If you complete the quest between July 11th and August 1st, you’ll be entered into the “Ghibli Expo Course.” 100 lucky winners of this course will receive some original Tokyo Metro goods. 50 lucky winners will get their hands on a copy of the Ghibli Expo Guidebook autographed by Studio Ghibli Producer Toshio Suzuki!

Applying between August 2nd and September 11th will put you into the “Tokyo Metro Course.” The grand prize hasn’t been revealed for this yet. Stay tuned for details!

Why not celebrate your love of Ghibli while exploring Tokyo (and, more importantly, soaking up all of that in-train air conditioning)? Start your whimsical Tokyo Metro journey today!

Sources: PR Times, Tokyo Metro
Images: Wikimedia Commons/Chihayasassas, Wikimedia Commons/Hisagi