Does it taste like a coffee ice cream or a sweet baked dessert? Join us for the delicious taste test after the break!

Starbucks Japan has been tantalising our tastebuds with an amazing array of Frappuccino drinks that include sakura, chocolate brownie matcha and even cantaloupe melon. Now they’re dressing up their pre-made “chilled cup series” of coffees with an amazing new taste for summer: waffle cone. Intrigued by the unusual new flavour, we picked up one of these at the local convenience store to get a first-hand look for ourselves at what’s inside the new limited-edition release.

▼ Available from 12 July at convenience stores across Japan, the new drink is the latest addition to the coffee chain’s Chilled Cup Series, produced in collaboration with Suntory Japan.



The package has been specially designed with features like bright caramel sauce swirls and a distinctive diamond-shaped waffle pattern to entice thirsty customers.


According to the company, the cafe latte combines the rich aromatic flavour of espresso with milk, along with the sweet and fragrant taste of caramel and waffle cone. Using the same blend of coffee beans you’d find inside a Starbucks store, the drink is said to be a perfect match for the fun, carefree feel of summer.


Eager to find out if the drink lives up to its sales pitch, we decide to rip off the lid and tear away the top layer of foil to see what it looks like inside.



As far as appearances go, the drink looks no different to a regular milky cup of coffee. The aroma however, is entirely different, with strong notes of sweet caramel hitting the senses immediately upon opening.


After pouring it out into a glass, the delicious aroma is still there, although it’s slightly different to caramel. After thinking about it for a moment, it becomes immediately obvious – the fragrance is actually more similar to the smell of a freshly cooked waffle.


▼ It might not look like a waffle but it sure does smell like one!


Still, it feels like something is missing now that the drink has been poured out into a clear glass. With the absence of the green mermaid logo, there’s no hint now that this is actually a drink from Starbucks.


Popping the straw into the drink changes things immediately. It’s actually quite shocking that a bright green straw is all it takes to give a coffee drink the distinctive Starbucks look.


Now, it’s finally time to get down to business and see how the drink rates in terms of flavour. The first sip is quite bitter, with a strong taste of espresso and caramel that slowly mellows out with a subtle honey-like flavour that’s clearly reminiscent of waffle. Surprisingly, the thick and milky texture of the drink brings out a flavour that more closely resembles a plump, freshly baked waffle rather than a crispy waffle cone.


We’re definitely not complaining though, because it’s an absolutely delicious drink. Every sip makes your tastebuds dance between bitter coffee notes and sweet waffles, all carried beautifully on the smooth and luxurious texture of the milk.


Despite being rich in texture, it’s cool and refreshing on the palette, and with a little imagination, you can get the sense of what it would be like to eat a Starbucks coffee ice cream in a waffle cone. With that amazing thought in our heads, now we can’t stop thinking about what it would be like if Starbucks ever opened a coffee ice cream bar in their stores for summer. We don’t know why they discontinued their ice creams overseas, but if you’re looking for a good substitute, this drink is an awesome and unique alternative!


The drink is only available for a limited time during summer for 219 yen (US$2.06), so keep an eye out for it at the local convenience store for your chance to taste it before it disappears from shelves forever!

Reference: Starbucks Press Release
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