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New song to be sung by Pikachu, with the loveable Pokémon mascot getting the maximum mileage out of his extremely limited vocabulary.

The Pokémon anime has been airing in Japan continuously since 1997. In that time, the series has had more than 40 different ending themes, performed by a variety of vocalists. This summer, though, it’s getting its first closer sung by Pikachu himself.

Starting August 4, episodes of Pokémon XY & Z (the franchise’s current TV anime incarnation) will wrap with Pikachu’s Song, as the tune is straightforwardly titled. True fans will no doubt want to sing along, so it’s a good thing that the lyrics are pretty easy to remember.

As listed on the show’s official website, the lyrics to “Pikachu’s Song” are:

Pi~ka~! Pikachu! Pika pika pikachu Pika pika pikachu!

Pikkachu pikkachu pikkacchu (Pikkachu pikkachu pikkacchu)
Pika pika pikachu Pikkachu (Pikapika pikkachu pikkachu)

Pikapikapikapika (Pikapikapikapika)
Pikapikapikapika (Pikapikapikapika)
Pikapika (Pikapika)
Pikapika (Pikapika)
Pika (Pika)
Pika (Pika)

Pikachu pikachu pikapika pikachu pikapika
Pikachu pikapika pikapika pikapikachu pikachu

Pikachu pika pika (Pikachu pika pika)


Pikachu pikachu (Pika)
Pikapika pikachu (Pika)
Pikapika pikachu (Pika)


Technically, the song will be sung by Ikue Otani, the talented voice actress who’s been playing the role of the most famous Pocket Monster for nearly 20 years now (and whose other credits include One Piece’s Chopper and The Vision of Escaflowne’s Merle). Still, she’ll be singing in the adorable voice of the adorable Pokémon, so it should be a treat for the ears. even without the benefit of a translation into Japanese or any other language.

More serious-minded lyricists may scoff at the one-track mindset behind “Pikachu’s Song,” but if you’re the type of fan who can’t get enough of the human-less Pokémon theatrical shorts, with their casts made up entirely of Pocket Monsters saying their own names, this is one ending theme you’ll definitely want to give a listen to.

Sources: Pokémon XY & Z official website, Yahoo! News Japan via IT Media, Otakumu
Top image: Pokémon XY & Z official website

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