Now that summer vacation has started in Japan as well, how are the Japanese police forces finding the popular smartphone game?

Pokémon Go is a unique app that has, unquestionably, taken the world by storm — and it’s had a far-ranging impact beyond just game play with the release of physical items to make sure you catch the Pokémon and attention being brought to children in Syria. And even the Japanese police are getting in on the excitement, because the game makes it so easy to find minors who shouldn’t be out late!

In this tweet, Twitter user @hanadenka says that Japanese police have offered their advice to minors about the summer vacation and Pokémon Go. The police are intimately familiar with the game and understand that a lure at a Pokéstop will attract plenty of players even if it’s late at night. Officers will be checking the game during the evening hours to see if Pokéstops in parks are getting lures and will check on the area to keep minors safe. They will also be on the lookout for young people who are riding their bikes with a mounted smartphone but no lights.

go police 2Flickr/i_yudai

Students in Japan have a lot of rules they have to be aware of during summer vacation and with a hot, new game promoting active behavior, the police in Japan are doing everything they can to keep people safe. Hopefully they’ll have good luck with achieving that goal!

Source: Hachima Kiko
Top image: Flickr/megawheel360