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A Japanese government cybersecurity organization has launched a safety campaign warning of the dangers of Pokémon Go.

An information poster detailing the perils of Pokémon Go was published by a Japanese government agency in anticipation of the game’s release in Japan.

The National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC) posted the “Message for Pokémon trainers♪” on their official Twitter and LINE accounts on the night of July 20.

▼ “Message for Pokémon trainers♪”

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The nine-point safety plan details the things we need to look out for once we start playing the game in Japan. They are as follows:

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Protect your personal information

You should use a nickname instead of your real name, and, they wrote, “let’s not take photos near our house and post them on social media.”

Be careful of fake apps and cheat tools

These can render you susceptible to hackers or viruses.

You should definitely download a weather app

The weather can suddenly turn ugly so be aware of what the weather forecast is for the day.

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Be careful of heat stroke

Considering how serious heatstroke has gotten in Japan in recent years, this one probably bears repeating. Especially for anyone out running around looking for Pikachu!

Carry a reserve battery for your phone

Pokémon Go will use up a lot of your phone battery so bring a backup (presumably because you may get lost without access to your phone’s GPS).

Be prepared so you can contact your family

If your phone runs out of battery, have a phone card ready so you will be able to call your family on a public phone in case of an emergency.

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Don’t enter dangerous areas

While this might seem obvious, as NISC notes, in countries where the game has already been released, a number of incidents have occurred where people were injured while going where they shouldn’t have been in attempts to catch Pokémon.

Be careful of people who say they want to meet you

This is related to the previous entry — after all, there have already been reports of Pokémon Go-related muggings.

Do not walk while using your phone

Some might argue that this would be a problem regardless of whether you were playing Pokémon Go or just texting your friends!

Of course, most of these warnings apply to children but a couple of them may also be useful for adults to remember while consumed in the game.

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm yet people living in Japan are still awaiting its official release – this warning to people in the country about the dangers of Pokémon Go will be sure to create even more speculation and anticipation for its release!

Source: Yahoo! News, NISC
Images: NISC