zeen chin 1

These beautiful pieces are both magical and terrifying.

There are a number of amazing folk legends from Asia which combine mysticism with creepy entities you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley, and Malaysian artist Zeen Chin brilliantly melds those same creatures from around East and South East Asia to create absolutely stunning art.

His work overflows with unique characters rendered with increadible detail and precision.

▼ Chin’s art combines elements of Asian folk lore with gorgeous colors.

These strange worlds depicted by Zeen Chin are certainly full of oddities, but theyre also quite compelling. The colors are captivating but still subtle and somehow subversive at the same time.

More of Zeen Chin’s work can be found on his Facebook and DeviantArt pages. He continues sharing his magical art on these websites, so if you like his work, be sure to follow him.

Source: UFUNK
Top image: Facebook/Zeen Chin