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Test your knowledge of Japanese trends by spotting the “buzz points” in this action-packed commercial.

“Chikin Ramen”, from Nissin Foods, was the first brand of instant noodles to ever appear on the market, created by the inventor of instant ramen, Momofuku Ando, back in 1958. The company is currently celebrating their 58th anniversary with a number of exciting commercials, first with a moody animated clip that portrayed Ando as a samurai warrior and now they’ve just released a new video that pays homage to the ever-popular Chikin Ramen brand of noodles. Many of the scenes in this ad allude to popular online videos from the past year, and the ad is aptly titled “Instant Buzz – SamuraiDroneCatIdolSuperhumanRubeGoldbergViewerWarningTooExplosiveHighSchoolGirl” as a result. There are many more “buzz points” than those mentioned in the title, however, so to see how many you can spot, take a look at the awesome video below!

The reason for including so many “buzz points” in the clip is to show that there’s only one original Chikin Ramen, and while a lot of things come and go, “the things that are loved will stay forever”. The noodle brand really has survived, in spite of fads and trends throughout its 58-year history, and is still one of the country’s most popular choices in the noodle market today.

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So, how many popular Japanese “buzz points” were you able to spot in the commercial?

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There are twenty in total, with the Japanese high school girl herself being one of them. For use, one of the most eye-popping moments in the clip is when it’s revealed that the schoolgirl is actually a boy, which references the “guy in disguise” popular online trend we’ve seen in recent years.

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To catch all the buzz points in the ad, simply turn the captions on by clicking the “cc” box in the lower right hand corner. How many did you find? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: YouTube/Nissin Foods Group Official Channel
Top Image: YouTube/Nissin Foods Group Official Channel
Screenshots: YouTube/Nissin Foods Group Official Channel