The Olympics really bring out the best in athletes from around the world.

It’s been just over a week since last Friday’s Olympic opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro and there have already been numerous memorable and record-breaking moments. History has been made with some countries achieving their first-ever medals or even first-ever gold medals and with one individual athlete breaking a 2,000-year-old record for number of medals won. Performances in team and individual events have also seen amazing competition, including the table tennis semi-final match between Jun Mizutani from Japan and Ma Long from China.

Even if you’re not from either of those countries, you can’t help but cheer after such a spectacular rally. Ma Long ended up winning this match as well as the gold medal for Men’s Table Tennis Singles while Jun Mizutani took bronze. That medal was also a major accomplishment as he is the first Japanese athlete to medal in table tennis in the singles competition.

▼ Here is another riveting rally where Mizutani earns a point later in the same match.

With all the concern about the Rio Olympics leading up to the Game, they have turned out to be a triumph of amazing stories and brilliant performances. We are definitely looking forward to more Olympic action over the last week of the competition and can’t wait for more acts of Olympic athleticism as the games come to a close.

Source: Kinisoku
Top image: Twitter/@mogelina