Football players might be surprised by what they’d find under this cheerleader’s skirt…

Our male Japanese-language reporter Ahiru Neko claims he doesn’t know much about women. How do they think? What makes them happy? What makes them mad? What kinds of troubles do they have? Right now, he can’t answer these questions, but at 32 years old, he feels like it’s time to find out. How will he do it? By dressing up as a woman.

Now, unlike one of our other reporters, Go Hattori, who regularly puts 100 percent into becoming his female alter ego, Rei-chan, Ahiru Neko has never cross-dressed before, so he decided to leave everything to a professional makeup artist. He chose a salon in Tokyo’s Ebisu neighborhood, called ZOOM, which specializes in gender transformation makeup.

According to Otsuka, his stylist, Ahiru Neko’s oval-shaped face is a standard male trait, so the key to his successful transformation is to disguise it. But even with such a complex concept, it only took 60 minutes to complete his transformation.

First they had to cover his light facial hair.

Then they had to widen and brighten his eyes.

Next was to apply fake eyelashes.

At this point, Ahiru Neko looked more like an actor in a traveling theater group than a girl, so he began to worry that he wasn’t really going to be able to be transformed after all. Once Otsuka drew on feminine eyebrows, though, he began to look at lot more feminine.

▼ Never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.

Finally, Otsuka-san applied some lipstick, and the process was finished!

…But Ahiru Neko was still worried. “Do I really look like a girl?” he wondered as he looked himself over in the mirror. “Something is missing…”

Then Otsuka-san brought out the linchpin: the wig! “The wig has a tremendous influence,” she said as she settled it on his head. And voila! With this final touch, Ahiruneko’s manly oval face has been transformed into the sweet, soft features of a pretty girl!

Somewhere along the line (Ahiru Neko doesn’t remember where exactly), he was put into a cheerleader outfit. Cute, isn’t he?

Ahiru Neko was beyond impressed by the power of makeup, and especially by the skills of professionals. But does he understand women a little better now? Well, just by having someone turn him into a girl, not really. What he does understand, though, is a little bit of the trouble women go through every day to look beautiful.

Why? Because he had to shave his body hair. We’re not just talking face and armpits; they shaved his legs and arms too. Ahiru Neko quickly learned what a pain that is. It takes a very long time. He finds it terrible that women have to do that on a regular basis!

What was also time-consuming was removing the makeup afterwards. “Do women really have to do this every day after work?” he wondered as he painstakingly wiped layers of makeup from every corner of his face. “Seriously?”

He now really respects women who take the time to do it before going to bed, especially after going out drinking after work. Even knowing it’s bad for your skin, he thinks he would be too lazy to take it off every night, and end up going to bed with it still on.

▼ Welcome to the daily struggle, Ahiru Neko. That’s why there are scores of cosmetics for lazy girls.

Though it was only for a short time, Ahiru Neko was glad to have tried out becoming a girl. He learned a lot and gained a new appreciation for the struggles of women. He would even recommend that all men give it a try!

If you’re a man who’s not ready to take the leap, though, try starting with a makeup tutorial video. At least that way you’ll know how time-consuming putting on makeup is.

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