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You mean we can bounce soap bubbles off our feet with special socks?!? We’ll buy that!

Managing the summer heat and humidity can be a challenge no matter where you live, but July and August in Japan are definitely some of the most unbearable. With the great outdoors out of the question and our moms constantly nagging us to not play with the ball inside the house, finding ways to entertain ourselves inside becomes a struggle. Entertainment and gaming systems are spectacular for relieving some of that boredom, but we at RocketNews24 have become obsessed with something completely different: Leo Messi FootBubbles!

▼ Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

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This small package comes loaded with hours of fun and it was the perfect toy to entertain us during these hot summer days. Not only could we practice a little juggling in the office without breaking anything, but we could do it out of the direct rays of the sun.

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At a glance, you might think the product is marketed at children, but we didn’t have any of those around the office, so we decided that our “juggling king” Yoshio should be the one to test it out.

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After putting on that neon sock, it was time to see how many times he could juggle the soccer bubble.

On the third try, he got to an amazing 14!  He should definitely be proud of that number. What surprised us the most was how entertained we were by just watching. Although now we want to join in as well…just need to buy more socks first!

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