Japanese freestyle soccer maestro drops jaws with mind-blowing juggling skills in New York

And a joyful, positive attitude to inspire the world.

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RocketNews24 office becomes enthralled with Leo Messi FootBubbles【Video】

You mean we can bounce soap bubbles off our feet with special socks?!? We’ll buy that!

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Japanese Juggler Elevates the Art, Superhuman Performance Caught on Tape

Most people think the art of juggling is played out.  We think we’ve seen it all from balls to batons to even the point that flaming chainsaws gets yawns from spectators.  But a performance at the 2012 Japan Juggling Festival by a mysterious juggler called Yanazo drew gasps and a standing ovation from the crowd.

Even only using a single ball he is captivating to watch.  If you can catch a ball with the outside of your elbow then congratulations: You can do about a half a second of this six minute act.

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