And a joyful, positive attitude to inspire the world.

Whether it be whizzing a top around like crazy, or having an epic impromptu singing session, we’ve been surprised time and again by the skill shown by street performers.

And recently, another culmination of effort and countless hours of practice was witnessed by a crowd who gathered in stunned silence in Times Square, New York, to watch Japanese youth @ryutricks perform some freestyle soccer tricks.

▼ What godly speed and precision.
(Translation below)

“There I was with no microphone, no loudspeaker, and no tipping boxes in New York, a place filled with talented people and a tough environment for those who aren’t fluent in English. Yet I barely managed to amaze Times Square using one soccer ball, and I fulfilled my dream. Just ignore 98 percent of people who tell you it is impossible.”

Quoted on his Twitter profile page are the words “Inspire the world”, a motto @ryutricks seems to live by through his actions. While studying at Waseda University, the energetic youth represented his institution in the Red Bull “Can You Make It?” challenge and traveled across Europe using only cans of Red Bull as currency.

Although his team finished in 143rd place out of more than 200 teams, the freedom of going to unknown places with limited resources at his disposal sparked something deep in him.

▼ Here he is showing off at graduation,
and mildly upsetting his mother by kicking his diploma.

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早稲田大学卒業しました。 色々あり留年かなり際どい戦いをしてた中で昨日無事卒業式に出れた事はとても嬉しい。 また別の機会に話たいけど、入学直後まじでイかれた決意をして大学の4年間全ての時間ひたすら自己鍛錬に使うことに決めた。 大部分はフリースタイルだったけど。色々考える中で考え方が変わったりしたせいもあるけど、純粋に自分の弱さのせいで4年前に想像してた自分より今の自分は遥かにショボい、、色んな意味で。 だからこんな中途半端な所でどうしてもまだ終われなくて就職する選択肢が選べなかった。(不器用だから自分は仕事と練習、動画の両立なんて器用な事出来ない人間) 今後どうするの?不安無いの?みたいな質問は何十回受けてきたけどもうやめてくれ本当に笑 計画はほぼノープランだしそりゃ不安です。 でも正直今の自分の立場は1年前の自分は全く想像出来なかったし本気で生きれば1年後も、別人になってるはず。 とりあえず根拠はないけど自分への可能性にかけてまず自分が5年間目指してたのにほとんど達せなかった境地「息をしたいと思う程、本気」に入ることが目標。 逆に毎日この境地で生きて人生失敗するはずないからまずは、 目の前の1日を!まじで!マインドフルに!生きるぞ!! とりあえず遊びも女も酒とも無縁の4年間、一般大学生からしたらとんでもなく退屈に見えるかもしれないけど超絶変態マンの俺はめちゃめちゃ楽しかったww 両親をはじめ関わった全ての人に感謝したい、ありがとう!! ・ ・ ・ ・ #freestylefootball #iamafreestyler #football #freestyle #soccer #waseda #graduation #リフティング #サッカー#フットサル #バスケ #早稲田 #早稲田大学 #卒業.

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@ryutricks then set his next plan into motion: to traverse America without any sort of accommodation planned. Currently now in New York with nothing but his clothes, a camera, a soccer ball, and freestyle juggling skills, the adventurous youth is now living out his wildest dreams while doing what he loves.

▼ Moving the world one kick at a time.

“After hours of practice and encouragement from a boy,
I’ve managed to create my ultimate trick. Thank you!”

Japanese netizens were indeed motivated by his positive attitude and unwavering dedication to achieving his goals:

“The path you’re walking on is uniquely yours. That’s so cool!”
“A man among men.”
“I’m 42 years old. Can I still make it at my age?”
“His courage and pure joy is nothing short of awesome.”
“He must have practiced a ton to come this far.”

With impressive freestyle skills and an exemplary outlook on life to match, we cannot wait to see where @ryutricks’ next adventures will take him and how many people will be inspired by his positive attitude. At the rate he is going, he may just end up becoming the next Soccer Samurai in the next World Cup.

Source: Twitter/@ryutricks, Instagram/ryutricks, Red Bull Can You Make It? via Hamusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@ryutricks

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