And to think, for all these years we’ve been using timed electronics like a bunch of chumps!

I don’t know about you, but if I was the owner of a pet rooster, I’d probably lead with that in my self-introductions. But Japanese Twitter user @17Marimo is a man of many hobbies and interests, including video games, photography, and Nissan sport cars.

As such, it’s not until the latter half of @17Marimo’s Twitter profile that he gets around to mentioning his unorthodox housemate.

But a rooster is an odd choice of pet in many ways. It’s less instinctively playful than a dog or cat, and needs more space than a parakeet, canary, or other, more common avian companions. Plus, at least with a chicken you could enjoy fresh eggs, but what’s the upside to having a rooster in the house?

The answer to that question lies in this short video, taken in the morning after @17Marimo told his pet, “Hey, go wake my son up for me.”

There are all sorts of advantages to this method. First, it’s environmentally friendly, since conventional alarm clocks require either electricity or batteries. Second, it adds a personalized element that’s missing from being woken up by an annoying buzz or radio broadcast.

And finally, it’s sure to get @17Marimo’s kid up and out of bed ASAP, since roosters don’t have snooze buttons.

Source: Twitter/@17Marimo

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