The bird with the cockscomb comes to Starbucks in a very cute collection.

One of the main reasons behind the success of global coffeehouse chain Starbucks is its ability to cater to local markets with new and exciting products created specifically for each region. Whether it’s sakura Frappuccino drinks in Japan or mooncakes in countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, these limited-edition items become so sought after that they actually inspire people to visit different Starbucks locations around the world.

Now it’s time for Starbucks fans to flock to Korea, for a lineup of goods that celebrates the Year of the Rooster. With mugs, tumblers and bottle covers all featuring the resplendent male chicken in a beautiful purple, white and maroon colour scheme, the range is already making waves online, with a number of happy customers sharing images like these on social media.

One of the cutest items in the lineup is the New Year Rooster Egg Mug, with its gorgeous lid, feathered body and golden feet making it look beautiful, whether it’s being used or simply put out on display.

There’s also a plate, gift cards and drink vouchers, all dressed up with a cute image of the bird.

The mug and tumbler in the range feature a rugged-up chicken with a hefty body.

While the New Year Rooster Case Water Bottle includes a cute and sleepy drink bottle wrapped up in a comb-topped costume.

To check out the dozen or so items in the New Year Rooster range, be sure to stop by the Starbucks website for all the cute details.

Given that the previously Korean-only exclusive range of Starbucks puddings recently made it over to Japan, we’ve got our fingers crossed that this adorable range of roosters makes the journey over to Japan soon too!

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