The Siberian husky couple Fils and Goo are a big hit online – they play rough with each other, but sleep in a cute cuddly heart!

As a kid I was obsessed with husky dogs, and can you blame me? They’re big dogs, but soft and sweet and kind; they have big bright eyes and silly faces. Unfortunately, there was no way I was going to get to keep a Husky in a small detached house in the North West of England, and there was a way slimmer chance of sneaking one into my tiny Japanese apartment.

But even the doggy deprived will be happy to hear this! While huskies aren’t all that common in Japan, where owners living in small spaces often opt for smaller dogs, there’s one owner who happily cohabits with two of these cool canine companions. Twitter user @8823Sugimu shares a home with two Siberian huskies (plus a Golden Chinchilla cat) and faithfully documents their exploits to a loyal online following.

▼ Silver-white male Fils, looking clean and cute at seven years old

Goo, a glamorous five-year-old red-and-white female

The two dogs garner oodles of online affection when their doting owner uploads shots of them going for walks, rolling around on couches or having a playful wrestle. @8823Sugimu’s captions don’t hurt, either:

▼ “← Pre-Marriage Post-Marriage → #SiberianHusky” (each dog is labelled with a ‘blehhh’ sound effect)

Goo and Fils attract a lot of attention every day, with many photos garnering thousands of likes and retweets, and a recent upload has taken the Internet by storm once more. While Goo and Fils are both rambunctious, playful sorts who love to tackle each other or wake each other up from their many naps, you can tell in this photograph they have a truly special puppy-love bond.

▼ “A miraculous photo! And then I took two more!”

“The dogs made a heart together! Then they took a nap just like that! #SiberianHusky”

In a truly impressive feat of romantic iconography, the pair of pups didn’t just make a clear heart between their connected forelegs but retained it as they took a well-earned snooze. Aww! Adding to the cuteness, it was actually @8823Sugimu’s daughter who noticed their perfectly positioned paws and yelled “Take a picture!”.

Good thing they stayed still long enough to get that once-in-a-lifetime photographic evidence!

▼ Here’s another photo of them holding hands like sweethearts… if you squint.

If two lovey-dovey huskies isn’t enough for you, how about twice as many ambushing their owner with cuddles when he comes home? And to our ever-enthusiastic feline fans… There’s a husky out there for you too. (Seriously, though, you might have to put in a bit more effort to get your pet to make a heart shape.)

Source: Twitter/@8823Sugimu via NetLab
Featured image: Twitter/@8823Sugimu