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Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is the latest anime series to get the 1:1-scale statue treatment.

If someone asked you to describe the recently concluded anime TV series Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress in six words or less, “Attack on Titan on a train” would be a pretty good summary. After all, the two series come from the same director and animation studio, and also share the same basic premise of humans fighting against giant monsters using steampunk technology.

But Kabaneri does a few things to set itself apart from its studio sibling. For one, its setting draws more heavily from Japanese history and mythology. Also, while the Attack on Titan anime sticks close to manga creator Hajime Isayama’s stark-faced designs, Kabaneri’s character designs come courtesy of legendary artist Haruhiko Mikimoto, best known for his iconic work on the original portions of the Macross franchise.

Mikimoto’s designs are so striking that a team of talented modelers have created a life-size version of Kabaneri female lead Mumei, with the painted prototype currently on display in Tokyo at a special exhibition highlighting the series’ artwork.

▼ That’s Mumei voice actress Sayaka Senbogi standing next to the figure, helping to drive home how dynamically large it is.

A total of 10 Mumei figures are scheduled to be built. Even priced at 2.5 million yen (US$24,270), demand is expected to be greater than that limited supply, though, and so buyers will be chosen randomly through a drawing.

If you think Mumei would look great standing next to your other life-size anime character statues, applications can be made online here between now and September 30. Selected buyers will be notified by October 14, with shipment scheduled for autumn of 2017.

Just remember that, including its base, the figure stands 169 centimeters (five feet, 7 inches) tall, so you’ll want to make sure it’ll fit through your front door before you decide to splurge.

Event information
Kabaneri & Battery Exhibition / カバネリ&バッテリー展
Address: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Odaiba 1-7-1 Aqua City Odaiba, Noitamina Shop & Café theater
東京都港区台場1−7−1 アクアシティお台場ノイタミナSHOP & カフェシアター
July 16-September 30, 2016
Admission free

Source: IT Media
Top image: Noitamina Shop

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