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If you’d never heard of a “Snorlax,” what would you think it looks like?

If you’re not really familiar with Pokémon, then a lot of the names probably sound pretty strange. Dragonite? Weedle? Vulpix?! What the heck do those even look like?

One artist who goes by the name netwoodle on Reddit recently tried their hand at doing just that. They know almost nothing about Pokémon but attempted to draw what they thought some of them would look like based on requested names alone.

Here’s a sampling of the hilariously mismatched results:

▼ One user requested Dragonite to be drawn.
Here’s what it looks like normally…

▼ …and here’s what it looked like when drawn by netwoodle!
Dragon plus dynamite equals Dragonite, right?

▼ A real Weedle…

▼ …and the drawn one. A bit heavier on the
“needle” part than the “weed” part.

▼ Here’s one of our favorites. A real Vulpix…


▼ …and the drawn one! Unless you know “Vulpix” refers to a cute fox
Pokémon, the name does sound pretty scary with those “v” and “x” sounds.

▼ Now we get to the real crazy ones. A normal Snorlax…

▼ …and the drawn one. I don’t really know how to explain this one,
but that’s not stopping me from loving it.

▼ Oh boy. A real Cyndaquil…


▼ …and this thing. Thank god this wasn’t one of the Gen II starters.

▼ Speaking of starters, here’s a normal Mudkip…


▼ …and the drawn version that is far less cute,
but much more faithful to the “mud” part of the name.

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Source: Reddit via The Mary Sue
Featured/top image: GAHAG